An interactive social experiment - 300 SEK

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
In this study, you will be assigned different roles in order to study emotions. This experiment takes one hour.
The two roles will be delegated through a lottery. One role will require you to do a decision task. The other role will require you to be in the MR scanner. On top of brain images, we will collect your eye-gaze data and physiological measures such as skin conductance. You will also receive mild tactile electrical stimulation. Please read the exclusion criteria properly.

In order to participate, either sign up from this link, or send an e-mail to the researcher with your phone number. ult.aspx?p_return_experiment_id=72

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!

You cannot be a psychology student, have any neurological or psychological diseases.
You cannot have any metals on your body (such as pace-maker, implant)
You need to be between the ages of Between the ages of 18-45.
Please e-mail the researcher if you have participated in a similar experiment in the last 6 months, with possibly the name of the experimenter.
You cannot participate in the study if you are planning to participate in another stidy at the emotion lab before this one. Please make your bookings accordingly. Please note that you need to have a swedish bank account in order to get paid.

The payment is subject to taxes.

Upplagd: 09/06-17. Senast ändrad: 17/10-18. Ansvarig för studien och informationen på denna sida är Tove Hensler.