Neuroimaging study of body ownership (2nd call)

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!

We are doing an exciting neuroimaging experiment to get a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that assess what we perceive as our own body, using the rubber hand illusion.

The experiment consists in 2 sessions that will take place at the MR Research Center at the Karolinska Hospital, in Solna.
Session 1: 1 hours in a MOC scan (fake MRI) to get used to the procedure and the illusion we use.
Session 2: 2 hours in the MRI machine

Who? Participants:
* between the ages of 18-40, right-handed
* who speak fluent English
* with normal vision (or are able to wear contact lenses)
* who have no history of neurological or psychiatric disorders
* who are not currently taking medication that affects cognitive functioning
* who do not have any metal objects in their body (including dental metal retainer)

The MR Research Center at the Karolinska Hospital, Solna.

To book an appointment, please contact me at

150 sek for the first session and 600 sek for the second.

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