Participate in a neuroimaging study

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
In the current project we are collecting brain imaging data to understand how the brain can link sounds to actions. We are looking for healthy individuals, 18-50 years old, that are right-handed (writes, draws and holds the toothbrush with the right hand) and have not played a musical instrument for more than two years and never keyboard/piano.

The study will be carried out over two days. Day 1 you will come to Karolinska Institutet in Solna and learn to play two short melodies on a keyboard (approx. 1-2 hours). The following day, you will come to Stockholm University and train the melodies again (approx. 30-60 minutes), and immediately afterwards participate in an MR-study, where we measure brain activity while you listen and play the same trained melodies on a small piano in the MR scanner (approx. 1.5-2 hours). In total the second day will take around 2.5-3 hours.

MR imaging uses magnetic fields to create images of biological tissue. As opposed to standard X-ray techniques (DT or traditional X-ray), no ionizing radiation is used. There are no known risks associated with an MR scan, but individuals with metal implants or a pacemaker cannot participate as all metal objects are affected by the magnetic field. Also, the tight space in the MR camera can be unpleasant for individuals who have claustrophobic tendencies. It can be difficult to fit together with the MR piano in the MR scanner if you are too big.

Participation will be reimbursed with 1000 SEK.

If you are interested or if you want further information about the study, please contact us at

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