Virtual Reality + fMRI Study on Memory for Events

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
We are looking for healthy participants to take part in a study that aims to understand how memories are formed in the brain. Taking part involves two fMRI scanning sessions, spaced one week apart:

Session 1 (about 3 hrs). You will undergo full body illusions and watch a series of brief video clips through virtual reality glasses during functional scanning. You will then be asked to answer questions about each clip.

Session 2 (about 2 hrs). 7 days later, you will be asked to retrieve the clips from memory and answer a series of questions about each.

The total time for this study is 5 hrs. We will pay up to 1350 SEK for your time upon completion of the study.

Who? Participants:
* between the ages of 18-30
* who speak fluent English
* with normal vision (or are able to wear contact lenses)
* who have not previously participated in experiments with body illusions
* who have no history of neurological or psychiatric disorders
* who are not currently taking medication that affects cognitive functioning
* who do not have any metal objects in their body

The MR Research Center at the Karolinska Hospital, Solna.

To book an appointment, please contact me at

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