Virtual Reality Study on the Influence of the Body on Memory

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
We are looking for healthy participants to take part in a virtual reality study that aims to understand how your body impacts memory. Taking part involves two behavioural sessions, spaced one week apart. The total time for this study is 3 hours and we will pay you 450 SEK for your time upon completion of the study.

Session 1 (2hrs) You will undergo full body illusions while immersed in a series of brief video clips seen through virtual reality glasses. You will then answer questions about each video.

Session 2 (1hr) One week later, you will be asked to retrieve the videos from session 1 from memory and answer a series of questions about each.

We are looking for participants:
* between the ages of 18-30
* who speak fluent English
* with normal vision (or are able to wear contact lenses)
* who have not previously participated in experiments with body illusions
* have no history of neurological or psychiatric disorders
* are not currently taking medication that affects cognitive functioning

Karolinska Institutet Biomedicum

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