Oral motor training with smartphone game

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
We are looking for volunteers to
participate in research

You are invited to participate in an experiment on oral motor training. During the experimental session, you will be asked to play a video game for about 15 min for 5 consecutive days from Monday to Friday.
The experimental session on day 1 and day 5 will last for about 60-80 min while the experimental session on days 2, 3 and 4 will last for about 30 min.

The experiment takes place in the research lab, Karolinska Institutet, Institutionen för Odontology, Forskningen plan 6, Alfreds Nobels Allé 8, 141 04 Huddinge, Sweden

Participation conditions: You are from 18 to 60 years old and have healthy teeth without crowns or bridges.

You will receive 4 cinema tickets for your participation!

Exclusion criteria
▪ Previous diseases of the CNS or any other neurological disorder.
▪ Age 18 and under 60 years old.
▪ Must be able to read and understand the written information sheet about the study.
▪ Lack of sleep
▪ Antidepressants
▪ Known Epilepsy
▪ Metal implants
▪ Pacemaker or medication pump
▪ Pregnancy
▪ Medical or psychological problems
▪ Metal implants in head
▪ Pacemaker / medicine-pump
▪ Many beards on cheek

Please contact Reika Makita, email: reika.makita.ki@gmail.com for more details.

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