Chewing electromyography

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
Purpose: In this study we want to investigate the eating patterns during different stimuli in people with normal natural teeth. Please contact us for more information if you belong to the following group:
Group: Young subjects (age group 18-40 years) with natural dentition

Experimental protocol: The experiment will be conducted in the Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, (6th Floor) Huddinge. The volunteers participate in two experimental sessions of 30 minutes each (approx.). During each experimental session, the participants will sit down comfortably in a chair while eating. At the same time, electromyography (EMG) signals will be recorded from the masseter muscle and a video will be recorded of the participant during the experiment. EMG is a painless measurement method with no known side effects. For each session the participant is not allowed to eat for 2 hours before the experiment starts and the time between the two experiments will be 7 days (approx.)

On successful participation in both the experimental sessions the participants will be awarded with two movie tickets.

More information can be obtained from:
Nynke Mostard; Email:

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