Brain stimulation and body perception

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
You are invited to take part in an experiment investigating how our brain processes information about our body.

We are looking to recruit healthy adults, who are right-handed, with normal or corrected-to-normal vision, between 18-45 years of age.

You must have no current or history of psychological or neurological conditions, especially epilepsy. You must not be taking any psychoactive drugs or medication. More detailed screening will be performed prior to organising a testing date.

The experiment is very simple and involves observing false left and right rubber hands. One of your own hands and one of the false hands will be stroked with a small brush. During the experiment we will also apply transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) over your head. This is a method of ‘non-invasive neurostimulation’ that uses a strong magnetic pulse to briefly change activity in specific areas of the brain. TMS will be applied over the area of your brain that connects to a specific muscle in your hand, from which we will attach electrodes to record activity. This experiment has been given ethical clearance (Etikprövningsmyndigheten 2019-01216).

The total duration of the experiment is around 3 hours and you will be compensated with 1 cinema ticket for a 30 minute screening procedure. If you are eligible for the full experiment (2.5 hours), you will 625 SEK (taxable) for your participation. Please note that in order to receive compensation you need to have a Swedish person number.

For more information, please contact me directly (Dr. Arran Reader, main experimenter) at

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