Importance of mitochondrial fat oxidation in insulin resistance

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
The Åstrand Laboratory at the School of Gymnastics and Sport (GIH) is seeking subjects for a study to examine how different muscle fiber types affect insulin sensitivity, which will be induced by a 72 hour fast.

We are looking for:
Men 18-40 years old, who do not train at the elite level, but are generally healthy.

The study consists of 3 phases:
1) A health examination and measurement of muscle power during electrical stimulation, which contracts muscles (can be unpleasant). If the values fit, you will be selected to participate in the study. If not, you will receive SEK 100 in compensation. We are looking for 40 people in phase 1

26 subjects will be selected at the end of phase 1 to continue
2) Maximum oxygen uptake capacity is measured leading to fatigue and blood pressure. If no deviating values are measured, the study will start for you.
3) At least 2 days after maximum oxygen uptake test, after a night's fast, you will be examined with a blood test, a muscle biopsy and a blood test to determine insulin sensitivity (intravenous glucose tolerance test). Then you have breakfast and start fasting for 72 hours. Then you return to the laboratory and the same protocol (ie blood test, muscle biopsy and glucose tolerance test) is repeated. In total, blood tests, muscle biopsy and glucose tolerance tests will be taken on two occasions. The total time required is estimated to be 2x3 hours at 3 day intervals.

After the study, you will receive your results including muscle fiber composition and SEK 2400 compensation.

The study will be conducted at the Gymnastics and Sports Academy
(Metro Stadium) starting in the fall of 2019.

We are still looking for a few more participants as of mid October 2019. Initial testing times are available in early November.
Please contact Sarah Blackwood at

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