Hamstring muscle activity in high-speed running and typical strengthening exercises

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
We investigate hamstrings activity using state-of-the-art biomechanics methods high-density electromyography, fine-wire electromyography and 3-D motion analysis.
The study consists of 2 sessions:
1) familiarisation (learning/practicing the exercises; ~2 hours),
2) measurement (~4 hours).
The measurement session starts around 6 a.m. at a hospital where fine-wire electrodes are placed into the muscles. The study is minimally invasive, the wires are removed right after the measurement.

You are eligible if you have no history of hamstring injury or ACL reconstruction in the knee, you are healthy and currently injury-free, you are experienced with running and you are familiar with gym exercises.

All measurements are done by 14 April.

Your participation will likely contribute to a more successful hamstring injury management, which is of primary problem in amateur and elite sports.

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