Vicarious Learning - Brain imaging study (updated)

Denna studie är avslutad och tar tyvärr inte emot flera anmälningar!
To take part in the screening procedure, email:

In this study, we are using brain imaging to investigate social learning.

You will view pictures and videos presented on a screen and perform some simple tasks. During one part of the experiment, you may receive electrical stimulation on the wrist via a sensor. The level of the stimulation will be unpleasant but not painful. The experiment takes about an hour, and the preparation time is about 1.5 hours.

We will measure signals from your body (pupil dilation, gaze direction, pulse, breathing and brain activity) using electrodes and MEG technology. After your participation, you will be able to ask questions about our research.

Eligibility Requirements:
+ 18-40 years
+ Right handed
+ Normal vision (uncolored contacts ok)
+ Good command of English
- NOT psychology student
- NOT been in study with electrical stimulation in the 6 months before participating in this study
- NEVER been in study where you watch someone else receive electrical stimulation (including on video)
- NO metal implants, brain surgery or claustrophobia
- NO current neurological or psychiatric diagnosis

To be able to sign up you need to pass an initial screening. Submitted information will be treated confidentially. If you have a disability that is not specified in the form, please include this information in your email and we will make an assessment on an individual basis. To take part in the screening procedure, email:

PI: Andreas Olsson, Karolinska institutet

Please note that payment is made via bank transfer, is subject to taxes and requires a Swedish civic registration number (personnummer). If you do not have a civic registration number, you can opt for 4 movie tickets as compensation.

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